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Pet-Friendly from the Ground...Up!


Gustav is a pet consultancy dedicated to building best-in-class pet inclusive solutions for residences and workplaces.

25 years of providing premium pet care experiences

Our Story

We started in the pet industry with one simple goal: to provide the highest quality experiences for dogs. Little did we know that one leash in our hand would eventually turn into over 500,000 dog walks over 25 years. As we grew as a trusted service provider, we added more and more services like daycare, boarding, and grooming. The experience of all the dogs walked, groomed, and boarded has contributed to our deep understanding of what makes dogs happy and the hard work it takes to earn the trust of pet parents. 

As residential living evolved in the city, we noticed a growing segment of our furry friends living in high-rise buildings. We were going up and down elevators with dogs, greeting the same concierge several times a day, and at times acting as a proxy between frustrated neighbours over pet-related incidents. We witnessed firsthand the difficulties of pets sharing spaces with people and the troubles of living within close proximity of each other. Based on our experience, we knew that a new kind of pet expert was needed. 

After recent surges in pet ownership, it became obvious that properties would need to finally break the outdated barriers and welcome more pets with fewer restrictions into their buildings. The benefits of filling vacancies faster and retaining residents longer are too attractive to ignore. But we know that maintaining harmony among residents is essential if it’s going to work. To be successful, properties need to create pet-friendly spaces, policies, amenities, and communities guided by someone with the experience and the know-how to do it right.

Introducing Boxer + Hound

A consulting agency dedicated to creating best-in-class pet-friendly solutions.

Our Mission

We believe that the best pet-friendly experiences are created to benefit everyone and the dogs. Maintaining perfect harmony among ALL residents, visitors and employees is our goal. And once achieved, we will no longer call it pet-friendly. It will be just…friendly.

The Key to Our Success - What We Bring to Every New Experience


We know dogs AND their parents.


We understand the complexities of living in shared spaces


We create new ways to create safer spaces and stronger relations

Our Team

Matthew Kutas


Gilbert Antonio

Business Development

Donna Petrie


Jason Perlman


Juliana Saga

Services Manager

Shayna McNall

Digital Media